Training in Paris finally over!

The Paris training camp is finally over! After 3 days and 6 training sessions my body is ready for a rest, for a couple days at least.

-Flying to Austria tomorrow for the Vienna World Cup this weekend and another chance to secure some hardware. The training here in Paris was great. I managed to train everyday and every session with girls in my division ranked number one in the world as well as World and Olympic champions. There is nothing like holding your own against the very best and coming out on top to provide a bit of a confidence boost as well as a better idea of weaknesses in your game. But training and competition are two entirely different worlds and I know that the more time I spend pitted up against these top players, the better.

-On another note,a few of my American teammates and I snuck away to see the Eiffel Tower last night before leaving Paris for good. I must say it was incredible at night, covered in twinkling white lights,lit up by an amber glow and jutting into the sky. It was absolutely freezing though and we couldn’t wait to get back on the subway and back to our warm beds. My weight is good, I’m injury free and I cant wait to rough up some girls this weekend, wish me luck!