It’s never fun to write about an unpleasant experience,which has resulted in my putting this blog off for a good while.

So here it goes…..
I fought yesterday in the Paris Grand Slam and finished 7th overall. Not a good finish in my eyes or even close to my own expectations.

After a first round bye I beat Rogic of Serbia in the first round. We fought the full five minutes with the Serbian picking up two penalties for non-combativity, giving me the match. The enormous stadium and the huge Paris crowd didn’t help my nerves but I was able to fight a smart and calculated match. I would have liked to take a few more risks in the match, but a win is a win and I’ll take it!

My second match was against the eventual gold medalist in my division, Pavia of France. I would like to talk about the fierce battle we had and how close I came to beating her, but that would be delusional. Pavia actually managed to grab me and throw me with an o-soto gari, big outside reaping throw, for ippon (KO in boxing) in the first exchange of the fight, subsequently ending the battle. I had watched her win her first match in the exact same fashion earlier in the day and was prepared to counter the attack. But her tall frame, long legs and aggressiveness from the get-go were superior to my tentative start and she easily took the win. She went on to win the tournament using the same throw on two more competitors.

Its hard to critically look at how you could have fought a better match when you lose so quickly, but if there is anything I did learn, its that I need to be a lot more aggressive in the match from the very first second so that getting thrown so fast can’t happen.
While its easy to wallow in self pity and regret after a less than satisfying result, I continue to remind myself that to win, I must lose.

With that in mind, the first day of a week long training camp at the Judo Institute here in Paris starts tomorrow. I look forward to getting my hands on Pavia again and showing her and myself what I am really capable of and also showing myself that I deserve to be competing at this level of Judo.

Got a chance to check out the Swain/Dollamur booth at the Paris Grand Slam as well! 🙂

Marti Dollamur Booth

The training camp is a week but I will only participate in 3 days of training before moving on to Vienna, Austria for the second event of my European tour.
I will give training camp updates in a few days, happy training till then! – Marti Malloy