Austria Training Camp


Checking in from the Austria training camp where it is very cold! We are literally a two hour drive into snow capped mountains in what even I would refer to as a small town, and I’m from Whidbey Island (google it!). It is a sort of spa town equipped with luxurious hotels and relaxation accommodations. It is very nice to take a nice hot soak followed by an ice bath dip after training. Especially when the pain from grip fighting for 4 hours a day ravages my fingers with arthritic aches and the skin on my knuckles is raw, torn and calloused. Not to mention icing the Hawaiian Islands shaped trail of bruises up and down my shins. Its a job hazard and one I willingly embrace if it means a place on the Olympic team. A good number of the same girls I trained with in Paris have stayed for the Austria training as well as some new countries and the sessions are going well. Our last session of 2-a-days for the last 3 days is tonight and then we are off to Dusseldorf in the morning. I can feel myself getting stronger and more confident every single day and am so excited to take this new found confidence into my last event. Win or lose nothing can compare to the valuable training time I am getting against all the top players in my division. Just being able to get my hands on their gi’s and understand their fighting styles gives me a tremendous advantage when it comes to fighting them in tournament. Nothing like being prepared to ease competition anxiety. But they are getting a chance to figure out my style simultaneously so I have been keeping meticulous notes on what is and isn’t working in the matches.
-On a side note, finally starting to miss America! Sometimes I love traveling abroad for an extended amount of time to escape the monotony of the same training partners and schedule at home. It usually takes two weeks and a series of uncomfortable beds to have me missing my cats,my comfy bed, and iced beverages(why are they so stingy with ice in Europe?!). Despite a rather battered and bruised body and ego I am keeping up a positive mindset and am focused on the next event. I will check in again from Germany!