Germany Grand Prix

The last event of the European Tour is over and I am sad to report that I had my worst performance yet. I drew Slovenia first round and ended up losing because of the two penalties I received for not attacking enough. I actually trained with the girl in Austria and knew her style was a little goofy. Normally judo players fight a certain side, righty or lefty, the same way a boxer has a certain stance. This girl actually fought both righty and lefty and had an extremely difficult fighting style.Its actually quite ironic that I fought her first round. On the last day of training one of my teammates asked me who I was having the most trouble fighting during training and I had mentioned the Slovenian girl. I almost laughed when I saw that I would be fighting her first round. I went into the match confident despite that, knowing I was stronger and more experienced than her. Unfortunately her awkward style and hyper active style of fighting made me look docile and I was penalized for non combativity. I wanted so badly to come home with a finnish of some type. Three events and not a single medal puts a heavy weight on my shoulders and I find myself trying to figure out what I should have done differently in my last match. The USA coach on the trip did point out that I fought her well, but was lacking in experience with that type of unconventional fighter and not to be too hard on myself. I’m trying not to be to hard on myself but feel nauseous after having done 3 weeks of competitions and having nothing to show for it.I will participate in one more training session Monday-Thursday and then will head back to the USA on Friday. Planning on training with the girl I lost to as much as possible over the next few days in hopes of becoming more comfortable with her style. Will check in from the training in a few days.