Its been too long since I blogged on the Dollamur page, so here I am doing catch up. Thats the problem with a ton of training and competing, you get too tired to even type up a few updates, sorry!
Since I returned from the February European tour I have been caught up in an endless stream of competing and training worldwide.

~In April I fought in the Pan American Championships in Guadalajara where I am simultaneously happy and embarrassed to report that I took a silver medal. Happy because I was able to beat a Brazilian fighter that I had previously lost to twice in a row.Embarrassed because in the final match against Cuba (another player I have lost to twice before but never beat) I happened to be winning the match all the way up to the last seconds of the match, when I was caught for ippon(full point) near the edge of the competition area. The Pan Am’s provide huge points for Olympic qualification so the difference between a gold and a silver finish is almost 100 points! So making a mistake like I did after fighting a smart and calculated match was…..just terrible. But like my many losses before, I did learn something valuable and that is to never lose your focus and composure! I fought my smartest match of the year only to allow my excitement over a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel to distract me at the most important moment.

~After the Pan Ams I traveled to Russia for the Moscow Grand Slam, where I placed fifth.I had a first round bye, then I beat a young Russian fighter by a quarter point by throwing her with tai-otoshi. Then I beat a Mongolian fighter by ippon when I threw her with a sumi-gaeshi after just a minute. In the quarter finals I fought the eventual gold medalist for the day from Japan. We battled it out for three minutes, both fighting for grip control and trying to attack before she eventually threw me for a wazari (half point) with a sode-tsuri-komi-goshi with just a minute and a half left. Despite my urgency to score as well and even the score,I was unable to dominate the aggressive Japanese fighting style. Winning that match would have guaranteed me a medal and vital points at one of the highest point tournaments of the year.
~After just two weeks back home in San Jose, CA. to train after Russia I traveled to Brazil for the Rio Grand Slam. After a first round bye I ended up fighting the same Brazilian I had finally beaten at the Pan Ams just a few months earlier. We ended up fighting the full five minutes and she eventually took the win with a quarter point score she got by countering one of my attacks. I feel like I fought very well in the match and found myself very angry about the refereeing in the match, especially because an ouch-gari attack I made against the Brazilian was not scored by the referee which would have tied up the match. At first I was very angry about this but have now realized that if I had won the match more decisively there would be no question of who should have won. The Brazilian definitely learned from the previous fight we had and was ready to perform in front of her home crowd and ended up with a well deserved silver medal that day,while simultaneously filling me with loss-fuel to train harder than ever and come back stronger the next time.
~On a mental note, it seems that I have been repeatedly just on the cusp of breaking through to the medal rounds at the Grand Slam events, constantly reaching out for that elusive podium spot.I console myself with the thought that my losses in the Paris and Moscow Grand Slam’s were to the eventual gold medalists and in Rio to the silver medalist. But in the end, that is of no consolation to me because I truly believe that I am capable and driven enough to beat any one of those girls. I am also firm believer in the idea that when you are dedicated,train hard and make sacrifices in Judo you will reap the benefits. It reminds me of that famous quote by “” about our greatest fear being not that we are inadequate, but that we are in fact powerful beyond measure. I like to think that I am living in that limbo right now where I want so badly to be great but at the same time am almost paralyzed by the idea. But the more tastes I get of the ever tantalizing greatness that I seek, the less fear I have of embracing it. How about that for some insight? Haha!
-On another note I am currently embarking on an American Tour. I will be competing in Miami on Friday July 1st at the USA World Cup,(you can watch me fight live here: followed by a training camp.Then I will fly to the Venezuela World Cup a week later and lastly the El Salvador World Cup a week after that. I will be back in San Jose for some R&R(thats code for training by the way) for just a week before I head to Boston for a week of training followed by a week of training in Montreal, all in preparation for THE biggest tournament of the year, the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Paris in mid August.
-This is getting pretty long so I will sign off for now. Be sure to check in regularly for updates on my results over the next few weeks!
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